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Secured Document Printing

Attestation / Certificat

  • Insurance certificate
  • Tax certificate
  • Qualifications
  • State documents


  • Insurance sticker
  • Vignette Automobile

Produits spécifiques

  • Carte d'embarquement
  • Export documents
  • RESTO checks

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2D / 3D

Gives a depth effect when multiple two-dimensional images are processed on different levels.


They are formed by high resolution points. They usually have a brighter appearance and give a "Dynamic Effect" effect

True color

The actual color of the object can be detected only after the transfer of all visible colors in the color spectrum.

Hidden image

the hidden image is a secret security feature that is recorded on the hologram and can be seen under specific illuminationlaser.

Chains effect

The different images or texts are recorded on the same surface, for the different channels which brings out a set of images in different aspects.

Non-reflective white

It is a white, semi-reflective, non-opaque image that can be viewed in all lamination conditions.

Micro text / Nano text

Micro text can only be read by a microscope and resists lightning attempts by photocopying..

Kinetic / dynamic effect

the kinetic effect is in motion formed by the refraction and the successive reflection of the light beams.

Void label

  • A simple closure that leaves a trace visible to the naked eye in case of tearing and impossible to glue
  • The breakable adhesive reveals the word you want (VOID, SECURED, a date ...
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Cast and Cure effect

  • GRAPHIKA claims that its new film effect offers both subtle and striking effects with ultra-glossy, matte and satin finishes. Hundreds of patterns and options are available.
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