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The shrink sleeve, also called Shrink Sleeves, is a type of packaging completely surrounding a container or containers and perfectly adjusting to the shape of the latter.
The possibilities are many and it is a packaging process that does not fail to catch the eye during the customer experience in addition to having a low impact on the environment.
The technology of the heat-shrink sleeve makes it possible to dress containers with complex and unique shapes by covering them completely, over 360 °.
The appearance of the product thus exhibited is not only different, but it does not fail to capture the eye of the consumer. In addition, this type of packaging is very resistant to moisture and abrasion.

Cosmetic market

GRAPHIKAWe offer a wide range of solutions to capture your image and reflect it on your products. With our many materials, types of printing and finishing, our team will guide you to create a label worthy of your product. We have the expertise and the equipment to provide you the best solution, and this, to the perfectio

  • Labels
  • Transparent labels
  • Special effects

Pharmaceutical market

The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product labeling industry faces a huge challenge; both in terms of legislative requirements and the wide range of applications and solutions required

  • Standard Labels for Printed Packaging
  • Peel & Reseal multilayer labels to provide maximum space for information
  • Rigorous quality control

Wine market

With endless rows of products in store, no matter how great your product is, the first step is to stand out.
GRAPHIKA will help you create a label that captures the essence of your product to make it stand out on the shelves.

  • Unlimited design
  • Grande variété de matériaux
  • Grande variété d’impressions et de finis


The label propels the product into a highly competitive market. Achieving the right balance between visual appeal and the informational role is paramount.
Whether your products are sold in specialized establishments or in large chain stores, GRAPHIKA is able to guide you in your projects and produce labels that stand out on the shelf thanks to its expertise and label printing technologies.

  • Product labels
  • Instant Rebate Coupons
  • Discount coupons with printed base
  • Banners printed continuously
  • Games & Sale

Marché industriel

GRAPHIKA gives the final touch to your merchandise. A label delivers important information to consumers in the form of warnings, care instructions, size, country of origin, content, etc. It values and identifies the product.

  • Multi-pane labels
  • Peel & Seal type labels
  • Labels for electronic device


Retractable sleeves

Cosmetic market

Pharmaceutical market

Wine market


Industrial market